Curious about therapy?

Do this first... 

You're Frustrated

You know something needs to change. 

You consider therapy but then the immediate crisis passes and you bump along until the next one.

You are worried about the investment and if it's 'something else you might fail at'. 


Every day you promise yourself that things will be different…

But the same things keep happening, and you react the same way. 

Day in. 

Day out. 

You feel stuck in a loop, with no way to get out. 

You know you need things to change, that YOU need to change.

But the thought of figuring it all out on your own is exhausting.

You have no time, or energy to add yet another thing into your life. 

And anyway…these things never stick.

Do they? 

Do you find yourself...

  • Flying off the handle at the smallest thing (then beat yourself up with guilt after)
  • Spend hours and hours (and hours) overthinking, catastrophising or replaying conversations
  • Self-medicating to numb how you really feel
  • Resenting your partner, being envious of your ‚Äėperfect‚Äô friends, overcompensating at work, people-pleasing‚Ķthe list goes on...

Imagine If... 

  • You could¬†feel in control of your reactions¬†
  • You understood¬†YOUR patterns of behaviour and what was driving it
  • You¬†could show up with your partner, children, friends and colleagues in the way you want to
  • If life didn't feel like you were bouncing from one crisis to the other
  • If you could get immediate help to make daily life easier - that might free up some time and energy for all those great ideas you have... or therapy!

If you are sick fed up of repeating these behaviours and you’re ready to change…

The Break the Cycle Solution is the first step in breaking free and making changes that stick.


"Laura has a way of challenging but in the most encouraging and non judgemental way. She strikes a great balance between the psychological information about how are brains work and the practical things we can do to take more control over our thought processes. Would definitely recommend."


The Break the Cycle Solution is designed with women like you in mind.


Trying your best

I know your head is already bursting, so my method is designed to give you clear, practical, tried and tested tools to put into action today that changes tomorrow for the better. 

There are no sales pitches here. And you don’t have to sell a kidney to be able to afford it. 

The Break the Cycle Solution is affordable and easy to fit into your day 

I’ve blended 17 years of clinical experience in Occupational Therapy, EMDR and Coaching to support hundreds of women to make lasting changes in their lives. 

The Break the Cycle Solution is not like the other courses, podcasts or books you’ve used in the past. That’s why it will work. 

Flexible enough to fit into your life, with guided live sessions with me throughout the year so you are not trying to work it out alone. 


The Break The Cycle Solution gives you the knowledge and tools you need to break the cycles that keep repeating! 

Allowing you to understand how our brains work and the link between what we think, how we feel and then how we react. The tools discussed are selected from a wide range of therapy types and modalities and are delivered in a creative and flexible way to allow you to create your own unique toolbox that suits you. 

You will have access to 4  live online sessions to support the implementation of these new thought tools! (You don't need to do this alone anymore)


What's Included? 

  • 4¬†LIVE sessions with me throughout the year (so you have a real human to help you make the changes)

  • ¬†11 short videos,¬†split into 4 manageable sections¬†and your own journal¬†to do at home (so you can get started straight away on your own time)
  • Strategies to make real changes quickly (so you don‚Äôt have to struggle anymore)
  • Easy to understand activities (so you can challenge your negative thinking and habits for good)¬†

  • BONUS guided meditation and quick reset audio included

This is the part where you‚Äôre expecting me to say how all of this ūüĎÜ is valued at $5000, but you can have it for half that price.¬†

Like I say, the work I do is different. I don’t want this to be a difficult decision for you.

The cost of The Break the Cycle Solution is just £97 and yes, you can pay over 2 instalments of £50 


"Laura's approach is direct, and based on action but broken in really manageable steps which embed into daily life and stick - something I have always found really difficult. I now have  a better understanding of where I want to go, what is holding me back and new strategies to help me along the way. My previously overflowing bucket is now much emptier and aims to stay that way! I cannot recommend Laura enough."

Nice to meet you!

I'm Laura

 I’m an Occupational Therapist, EMDR Therapist and Wellbeing Coach which is a fancy way of saying that I help women who are stuck on autopilot get a break from the relentless exhaustion that comes from being overloaded, overwhelmed and overcompensating your whole life. 

I help women like you find freedom and fulfilment in life with clear, practical strategies that make lasting changes. With 17 years of experience in Occupational Therapy and Coaching I help you figure out what needs to change and how to change it.  

Think of it as therapy with a plan of action - essential for the life you crave.

What that means for you is I can help break out of the cycles that have been holding you back for years (often for generations) so you can feel content, calm and happy in the life you deserve. 

"The information given and strategies suggested were wonderful, easy to understand and if you had any questions Laura was very happy to explain and encourage you to seek the answers for yourself.
I really picked up on the ‚Äústories‚ÄĚ we tell ourselves. Already I have been putting into practice writing a new story for myself and hopeful that I can overcome some of the negativity I have about myself. Thank you so much for this invaluable lesson.
If you haven’t already booked a session and are hesitant please don’t be. You will be so thankful when you’ve taken that first step."

You have read enough and you want to get going!


(or two instalments of £50)

  • You will get access to a secure online space so you can work through the course at your own pace - revisiting it as many times as you like.¬†¬†
  • You will get access to download a course workbook to help guide you through the process.
  • All content is also available as an audio download if you prefer to access the material in this way
  • If you are not satisfied by the content - you can request a full refund¬† **within the first 7 days of purchase**
  • The course has a BONUS guided meditation included
  • You will also receive a BONUS 'Declutter Your Mind' Cheat Sheet!
  • AND access to the 4 LIVE sessions throughout the year - where will go over specific examples, revisit the skills and allow space for you to get support on YOUR specific situation

One Payment Of


Lifetime Access to Solution and 4 LIVE sessions


Split Payment

2 x £50

Lifetime Access to Solution and 4 LIVE sessions