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Mindful Mastery Method:

3 Step Guide to Self-Regulation

When we feel out of control of our reactions - it can lead to feelings of shame.  There is huge pressure for parents to be able to support their children to regulate - when perhaps no-one taught you how to regulate yourself! Or perhaps you would be embarrassed if people from your work, or friendship groups saw how you behaved at home - I see it, and I promise you are not alone.
I want you to get a quick win today! I have developed a FREE 3-part video series to explore self-regulation. Give it a go! I hope it helps.
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Welcome to LB Therapy Ltd

LB Therapy provides 1:1 and group therapy internationally, & Mental Health training to a wide range of corporate clients in the UK.

Laura Bremner is a registered Occupational Therapist with the HCPC and an EMDR Therapist, as well as Coach and Trainer - with 17 years clinical experience. 

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Yet for so many people the idea of hitting a crisis point where we need 'real help' still feels like it's a long way off.

So we press on - bouncing from crisis to crisis, too tired to think of a way out, and once it passes we convince ourselves we are okay - until the next crisis arrives. The impact is a low-level burnout that's always present. 

Perhaps you have a pile of self-help books by your bed, subscribed to a motivational podcast, or tried going for private counselling.

You may even have invested in doing an art class, or taken up Pilates. But no matter what you try, none of it feels like it's really right for you, because how are you supposed to figure everything out for yourself when you're just so stretched all the time?

So you carry on doing it alone, until you feel so overwhelmed that not stopping becomes the only way you can cope with all of the hats you wear every day.

You are desperate for change, you need a hand to get out of the mud and gain some clarity, so you can overcome your perfectionism and give yourself a break.

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Meet Laura Bremner, Occupational Therapist, EMDR Therapist and Coach

I know that title is a bit of a mouthful - and the world of online therapy is a confusing place at the best of times!

I work internationally with clients who are seeking something more from therapy. I use a range of modalities to clean up head space, challenge self-limiting beliefs, and provide a personalised toolbox of actionable strategies that can help you regain your sense of control.

Occupational Therapy has a functional focus that allows for clarity and tangible outcomes. This allows us to get clear on the values you live by and the occupations (or roles) that are important to you. 

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) focuses on the reality that the 'body keeps the score'  that brings your physical responses back in line with how you want to show up.

Coaching allows us to work together on the specific process, learning and tools you need to put all of the changes from therapy into place in a way that makes sense for your life.

It is therapy with a plan 

I provide the how, because practical and realistic support for the future is more effective than getting stuck in your past.

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Discover Mental Clarity In A Flexible Environment, With No Long-Term Commitment

I know your resources and time might be limited.

I also know you have likely tried a variety of things...self help books, counselling, a meditation class...and you are frustrated it gave some relief but not the 'cure' you were dreaming of.

 I don't want your experience with LB Therapy to be one night stand!

Leave you feeling super motivated and inspired in the moment - for it all to crumble away again over the months, or years. 

For this reason I have formulated a clear Three-Tier Support Program for you - that you can dip in and out of as your time, resources and need requires.

Let's gain clarity on what you really want, and achieve your own version of wellbeing. You can move through this at your own pace, and tackling the topics that have the biggest impact - lets make daily life easier first...


 A first step for anyone curious about therapy. This online course provides the knowledge and tools for breaking unhelpful patterns and making daily life easier!

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Once the basics are in place - private therapy sessions ensures fully tailored support using a wide range of therapy types and modalities, including EMDR . 

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A safe community of others who have done the same work and 'get it' - supporting you to work through any curveballs and keep moving toward the life you want to live

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It was a pleasure to work with Laura. After a few occupational therapy sessions, we moved onto EMDR. The EMDR is a really good technique as it helps you process feelings and traumas in a controlled way and the EMDR cycles are only a few sessions long, we did two cycles to process two different traumas. I cannot recommend this enough, and you are in very good hands with Laura. It was also very helpful to go over her notes at the beginning of every meeting, it helps to  structure the sessions better and gives an additional sensation of progress.

Give Yourself Permission To Step Off Your Hamster Wheel Today!

Taking the first step towards looking after yourself can feel scary, but when you do, you'll open yourself up to a world of opportunities that can help you reach your own goals, whatever they may be.


Put yourself first for a short while and the rest of your life will fall into place.

I'm Ready to Start!
Laura’s break the cycle online course has been a game changer for me. Having struggled with a few worries recently, I thought I’d give the course a go and I’m so glad I did. As the title suggests, it really has given me strategies to help break the cycle of intrusive thoughts that keep popping up for me.
It is broken down into manageable chunks that you can work through at your own pace. I like that I can revisit it at any time. There’s a great workbook attached which I will  use to jot down ideas/thoughts. What I like most is that Laura talks and guides you through all of it. She clearly knows her stuff and you instantly feel at ease listening to her.