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“Laura is quite an amazing lady! She teaches from the heart, holds difficult aspects with respect, compassion and empathy.” 


— D.Millar. UK.



Laura delivers training and coaching in all aspects of Mental Health and draws on 17 years of clinical experience from within the NHS, local government, education and private industry.

Continuing to work on a 1:1 basis with clients experiencing poor mental health, allows many 'real life' examples to be drawn into the training room - ensuring training is up-to date, relevant and relatable.

LB Therapy provides a range of training programs and workshops - including Scottish Mental Health First Aid, Suicide Prevention, Understanding Self-Harm, Breaking Negative Thought Cycles, Developing Resilience, and many bespoke courses created and delivered for specific organisational challenges.

Laura works as a sole trainer and is experienced in managing large groups and challenging conversations.


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Laura facilitated the ‘Break the Cycle’ workshop as part of our development day at work. The workshop provides practical tools and strategies for those negative feelings creep in and gave us a snapshot of why they happen.
Laura’s approach is engaging and generated interesting conversations during and following the session. Great length for something different during a team day/meeting and focusing on self care and mindfulness which is a breath of fresh air when we spend the  majority of our think focusing on others. The techniques we learned are practical in real life.
Comments following the workshop included “really needed that today” and “makes you think about how easy it is to get stuck in the same thought patterns
K. Wanless. Edinburgh City Council

Great mental health first aid training. Laura teaches in such a compassionate manner. Highly recommended.
B. Laing. Quiet Waters.

Laura is quite an amazing lady! She teaches from the heart, holds difficult aspects with respect, compassion and empathy.
Having attended her Scottish Mental Health First Aid course there were some tender moments and Laura held the space for us, reasured and gave us strength and deep understanding of difficult mental health topics.
She taught me not to be afraid to gently talk about suicide in a way that might just save someone 
D. Millar. Scottish Mental Health First Aid

We had the privilege of having Laura come in and deliver training to a group, Laura was amazing at create a safe and welcoming enviroment for everyone and the training was very informative! would definitely recommend.
Hot Chocolate Trust, Dundee 

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