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Your Space to gain clarity on creating the limitless life you want 

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Your Space 

You know something needs to change.

You are exhausted, yet still feel you’re not enough… 

BUT... somewhere inside,

You know there is more to life than this and you are ready to explore that possibility AND make it happen.

If this is you.. I think you are going to LOVE this! 

  • You are an always busy, high achieving women, and you strive to give a 100%. But you don't know how much is enough... so you just keep going. 

  • You are crippled with self doubt, self-imposed restraints and impossibly high-standards.
  • You feel like you are failing your children, yourself, your partner. Losing the plot easily and quicker than you would like 
  • Somehow you haven't met this elusive end goal, even though you NEVER stop... do we even remember what the goal was? 

You've listened to the podcasts, you've read the books, now you're ready. 

It’s your time to take the next steps and get the practical support, time, space and resources that you need to start living a happier life, free from limiting beliefs, where you are present and enjoying the here and now – being the mum, partner, friend, employee you want to be.

This is YOUR community 

Enough of Not Feeling Enough.

I want to support you, within this community, to ditch the overwhelm and shut up that ever-present-nagging-inner-voice.

To work out together what you actually want  your life to look like. If you aren't always busy, feeling overwhelmed, spending hours replaying thing you have said and done... what will you be doing!?

So that you can take the steps to make it happen and experience more head space, fun and calm in all parts of your life. 

This repeated  generational cycle stops with YOU. 

What's Included In The Membership?

Week By Week

Week 1.

Intentional Living

A planning session to look at the month ahead. What you need make space for, manage your time to accommodate, set small goals that take you closer to the life you are trying to create. The aim of these sessions is to move us towards an intentionally driven life (rather than fire fighting, whilst running backwards, and dealing with the school emails, and the ironing, and trying to lose know that feeling right?) 

Week 2 and 3.

Live Session

Live session which will be a mixture of teaching, psychological strategies, discussion points that have been highlighted by group or group coaching - one from Laura and the other a guest speaker. 

Week 04.

Live Q&A

Live Q&A for whatever has come up for you in the month, things that have got you stuck, or patterns of behaviour you feel trapped in and want to get specific input for. 

Plus, you will have:   

  • Access to a private membership community on Facebook so you can access support, and get to know your community.
  • Access to a membership site where resources, worksheets, live workshops will be uploaded so that you have a bank of resources you can dive in to at any time - at your OWN time and pace 
  • Prompts for reflection, inspiration, and change on the Facebook group to keep you heading in the direction of your choosing! 


  • Discounts on my group and digital programmes as they arrive in 2023. 
  • Membership price locked in for life, even when price increases for new members. 
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Nice to meet you!

Hello! I'm Laura

 I’m an Occupational Therapist and Wellbeing Coach and I support busy, high-achieving, professional Mums (who outwardly look like they have it altogether but inwardly are struggling with self doubt, and self-imposed restraints and impossibly high-standards) to ditch the overwhelm and the nagging inner voice, and instead get really clear on who they are, what they want their life to look like, when there are no limits, so they can take the steps to make it happen and experience more joy, clarity and contentment in all parts of their lives.
I have 17 years clinical experience in the NHS, local government, education and private industry - both in the UK and Canada. I am passionate about bringing all of these skills and experience to you so that you can sit comfortably in your own skin, knowing you can breathe, and you are doing just fine. 
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The Making Me Matter Membership  

A community for women who are ready to take action to create a life they are not counting the days to take a break from.  

  • A safe and non-judgemental space to feel supported, heard and seen. 
  • A community ready to learn, explore and find the right approaches for you, with guidance and support, rather than trying to work it out alone.
  • A team of women who all get it and are committed to moving forward on their own terms, ditching limiting beliefs, controlling the self criticism and living free from never feeling good enough.
I Am So Ready For This!

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Monthly - No Contract

  • Your low-cost, no ties way to access ongoing monthly support, tips, workshops, live Q&A's and more from Laura
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Rate guaranteed for the lifetime of your membership tutorials
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Pay Annually


Best Value

  • Best value and a long term commitment to taking the action you need to making yourself matter. 
  • 82p a day!!! 
  • Rate guaranteed for the lifetime of your membership
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Gold Membership - CURRENTLY SOLD OUT


Most Support

  • A higher level of support , only open to 10 people, for those who want to make 2023 the final year of losing the plot, feeling guilty constantly, over giving but never feeling enough and silencing that nagging inner voice. 
  • Guaranteed monthly 1:1 coaching session with Laura to get clear on your unique circumstances that are getting in the way, and receive tailored strategies for you - you don't have to work this out alone.
  • Skip the waiting list for 1:1 sessions 
  • Rate guaranteed for lifetime of membership - and the 1:1 rates will be increasing in 2023! 
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What my clients are saying....


"Laura has a way of challenging but in the most encouraging and non judgemental way. She strikes a great balance between the psychological information about how are brains work and the practical things we can do to take more control over our thought processes. Would definitely recommend."

"Laura's approach is direct, and based on action but broken in really manageable steps which embed into daily life and stick - something I have always found really difficult. I now have  a better understanding of where I want to go, what is holding me back and new strategies to help me along the way. My previously overflowing bucket is now much emptier and aims to stay that way! I cannot recommend Laura enough."

"Laura’s background in Occupational Therapy mixed with her kind, gentle and encouraging nature made me feel at ease and confident from the outset. She managed group chat perfectly so everyone was welcomed, included and  heard.

Working in a group was so powerful - it’s not often even the best of friends will talk about issues relating to mental wellbeing and discovering that others had similar thoughts and feelings to me helped give some of my ‘stuff’ valuable perspective.
I’m now feeling motivated to push my boundaries and level up my life!"