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Private Wellness Sessions With Laura Bremner, Registered OT

Map Out The Future You Really Want, Without Relying On Cookie-Cutter Solutions That Can Hurt Your Self-Esteem.


Aren't you tired of chasing your tail every day? You do your best to balance everybody else's pressures, but who takes care of you when it becomes too much for one person to cope with?

Feeling overwhelmed doesn't necessarily mean you should go for therapy that focuses on trundling through your past week after week. For most people, clearing your head space to make way for other things can be as simple as learning the right tools to help you cope with the everyday pressures you put on yourself.

About Laura Bremner

A Confidential Space To Explore The 'How-To' Element In Your Own Future

Rather than picking apart everything you've done wrong - or worse, to please - over the years, we'll create a personalised guide to help you achieve a better sense of balance in your own life.

After all, if you don't make time for yourself, and if you don't invest in your own wellbeing, how are you supposed to give this much of your energy to other people?

When you work with me, you can expect to look forwards towards a place where you're in control. Our sessions are completely flexible to suit your desired occupations, and can be booked as and when suits you.

We aren't here to wait until you figure it all out for yourself. As a registered mental health Occupational Therapist with 15-years' experience in the NHS, local government, education and private industry, I can give you the tools you need, and I can show you how to apply what you've learned into your everyday life.

So, what are you waiting for?

Nothing, Let's Chat!

“Laura was absolutely instrumental for me to finally take the plunge and start my very own business. Without her advice and guidance it simply would not have happened! With her help, I was able to set small tasks and goals for myself, which in turn led to big goals! She really helped me get myself organised using decisive and strategic skills. Laura was always encouraging, and offered non-judgemental and valuable support along the way. She has natural warmth, is very approachable and easy to talk to. I always felt very at ease in her presence.” 


— J. Quinn. UK.


  • Unlimited Confidential Coaching Sessions with Laura Bremner, a registered Occupational Therapist with 17-years' experience in mental health services with the NHS.

  • Personalised Values Map, so you can always choose the right mindset techniques that work best for you in every situation.

  • Actionable Game Plan, so you can finally get off the hamster wheel and regain control over your own life again.

  • Space To Breathe, so you can declutter your mind, and discover what you really love in life

  • EMDR sessions are also available, should this be an appropriate intervention for you. 


  • 'Clear Your Head Space' Cheat Sheet, to give you quick-fix solutions when you're feeling stressed.

  • Personalised Goal Setting Workbook, to uncover the right specific goals that will let you feel in control again without setting yourself up for a fall.

  • Direct Access to Laura, for lasting support when you need it most.

“I contacted Laura initially as I had feelings of anxiety which I felt were starting to get worse over a period of time. I was also feeling a bit 'stuck', and wanted some help and strategies to be able to sort things out in my head a bit.


I enjoyed meeting with Laura immensely. She was able to meet at a time that was convenient for me, and the appointments were very down to earth. She just 'got me' and was able to pull out of me what she needed to be able to help in a very gentle, supportive way. There was also no particular time frame that we had to stick to. I didn't have to see her for set amount of weeks which was reassuring. We just stopped when it became a natural end point.


I actually became quite acutely ill with anxiety for a period of a few weeks, but Laura was able to give me tailor made, gentle strategies which helped during that particularly difficult time, together with appointments and medication from the GP. She has also helped me locate appropriate professionals for a particular treatment.


Laura is a professional, an encourager and an advocate; especially I feel for women. If you would like someone who keeps it real to help you with gentleness, kindness and humour she's your therapist!”” 


— Anon. UK.

Ideal for those who need a quick reset, or just want to see what it's like first.

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Perfect for people who are looking for regular sessions with lasting support. You can space these out to give you support for a year!

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When You Take Good Care Of Your Own Needs, And You Make Space For What's Really Important To You, You'll Create An Inner Strength That Sets You Up For Life!

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